Atonco and GIP ARRONAX (Saint Herblain, France) have joined forces to take the next step in the implementation of alpha-immunotherapy for cancer. Their partnership aims to develop and validate the radiopharmaceutical production process under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions for Atonco’s ATO-101 (Girentuximab radiolabeled with astatine-211), with a view to clinical intravesical instillation for the treatment of non-musculo-invasive bladder cancer. Through this collaboration, two players in Nantes’ radiopharmaceutical industry are combining their expertise: the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals using astatine-211 (Atonco) and the production of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine research (GIP ARRONAX).

This collaboration represents a key step in the transfer to the clinic of astatine-211, an alpha particle emitting radionuclide enabling the selective destruction of targeted tumor cells. It builds on the astatine-211 production expertise developed within GIP ARRONAX, and follows on from the radiochemistry research work carried out in Nantes by CRCI2NA team 2, which led to the development of radiolabeling and control methods for astatine-211-labeled Girentuximab. As part of this partnership with Atonco, GIP ARRONAX plays a key role in the pharmaceutical development and validation of manufacturing processes and control methods under GMP conditions, in preparation for the production of validation batches with a view to the first human clinical trials.

Laurette Fisson, Atonco’s CMC and Product Development Director: “This collaboration reinforces Atonco’s position as a leader in the development of innovative astatine-211-based radiopharmaceuticals, contributing to the advancement of targeted therapeutic options for patients with cancers resistant to standard therapies. We are delighted to collaborate with GIP ARRONAX, a long-standing partner with recognized expertise in radiopharmaceutical research and development.”

Férid Haddad, Director of GIP ARRONAX: “This collaboration with Atonco is the culmination of nearly 15 years’ work by GIP ARRONAX on astatine-211, a promising alpha emitter. We are proud to contribute to the progress of nuclear medicine, and particularly to the development of alpha radiotherapy, a therapeutic solution with a future.”

About Atonco:

Atonco is a private company developing targeted radiopharmaceuticals for oncology applications. Atonco and its partners, who have emerged from the nuclear medicine cluster in Nantes, are committed to the clinical use of alpha-emitting radionuclides, in particular astatine-211.

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ARRONAX is a grouping of several public and private-sector members carrying out public-interest missions in the fields of research, economic development and training. It has a high-energy, high-intensity multi-particle cyclotron for the production of non-conventional radionuclides, including astatine-211, of which it is one of two European producers. GIP ARRONAX manufactures radiopharmaceuticals to GMP/GMP standards to support early-stage clinical research.

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